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Appliance Pick-up $57

That’s right, for a limited time we will haul away your old appliance for $57!  Two appliances for $97!  Book your appointment today!

Pallet Pick Up

Truckload full of pallets that nobody wants. Apparently there is currently a surplus of pallets. They will soon be mulch ♻️  #junkpunkjunkremoval #pallets #mulch #recycle #junkremoval

Truckload Full Of Branches

This may not look like much but it sure was… Actually 2 tons of branches from our Neighbor in Cornelius, NC

101 Reviews!

We just topped 100 reviews and would like to thank everyone for their positive feedback!

Cardboard Recycling

Today we recycled ♻️ 3 full truckloads 🛻 🛻 🛻 of cardboard signs = 6k pounds of cardboard! #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #cardboard #recycle #charlotterealtor

We’ve been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Whoo Hoo! 🎉🎉🎉

#junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler

Need to get rid of some lawn debris? We’ve got you covered! ✅

#junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #charlotterealtor #hauler

Don’t Be A Punk, Recycle ♻️ Your Junk. Or, Let Us Do It For Ya! 🛻 😉

 #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #hauler #charlotterealtor

Old Flooring

Old flooring – lots of it! #junkpunkjunkremoval #charlotterealtor #junkremoval #hauler #constructiondebris

Quick Garage Cleanout!

Customer wanted same day service and we were happy to help out. From the time we answered the call to job completion was under 2 hours! #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler #charlotterealtor #junkremoval #garagecleanout

Rug Donation!

Contractor client needed some old carpeting hauled away. 🛻 Thing is, the carpeting was actually new but the homeowner decided they wanted hardwood flooring instead! Donation time!!! ♻️✅ #hauler #junkpunkjunkremoval #recycle #junkremoval #charlotterealtor

Leaf Clean-up!

Cleaned up some old leaves for a real estate client that was putting the house on the market. Call Junk Punk if you need help with the removal of yard waste or construction debris! #junkpunkjunkremoval #yardwaste #hauler #charlotterealtor

Playhouse Removal!

Had to carry the cut up wood up 20 stairs to get it into the truck. It was an excellent workout! 🏋️‍♀️😝 #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #hauler #playhouseremoval #charlotterealtor

Full Truckload!

That truck 🛻 is full! Lots of cardboard to recycle♻️!!! #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #charlotterealtor #hauler #cardboardrecycling

Donation Drop-Off!

Another day and another donation! Today we gave Goodwill a table, 4 chairs and a dresser.  Fun Fact: We repurpose, donate or recycle 70% of everything we get!  Don’t be a punk, recycle your junk… Or, let us do it for ya!

March Madness

20% off on junk removal jobs all March long. Let’s Go!!!🔥

Another Happy Customer! (Mooresville, NC)


Just another day at the dump! PS. A bulldozer or dozer is a large, motorized machine equipped with a metal blade to the front for pushing material: soil, sand, snow, rubble, or rock during construction work. It travels most commonly on continuous tracks, though specialized models riding on large off-road tires are also produced. #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #landfill #hauler #bulldozer

Warehouse Shutting Down

One of our commercial clients is shutting down their Charlotte warehouse. We’ve been taking truckloads daily and will continue to do so. They’ve been great clients and they will be missed! #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler #commercialclients #warehouse

True Love?

Punk dog and a Bobcat! Does “Hauler” have a 😻 crush??? #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler #truelove

Now You See It, and Now You Don’t!

we made quick work of this couch.  It was in great shape and was donated to a neighbor.  #notjunk

Holiday Special!

Holiday clutter got you feeling sunk?
Get out of that funk and call Junk Punk!
We’ll get there quick,
Like old Saint Nick.
And our prices are low –
Ho Ho Ho! 🎅 🎅 🎅
Holiday special – 20% off on junk removal until the end of the year. 30% if it’s just cardboard/wrapping supplies!

Working on our Holiday Ad!

 🎅 🎄 🎄 🎄 Should be done soon! #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler #junkremoval #hauliday #holidays #christmas

Suds N’ Shine!

Time to take “Hauler” to the doggy 🐶 bath 🛁!!! Okay not really, but we did head to Suds N’ Shine to wash one of our trucks. The place is great and now the truck is SO CLEAN! #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #junkremovalservice #sudsnshine115 #hauler #lakenormanrealty


Back when we had our name the dog contest Ann was one of the 3 people that suggested the winning name. Thanks Ann, “Hauler” really appreciates you and he is loving 🥰 his new name! #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #junkremovalservice #huntersville #corneliusnc #hauler

Open 7 days a week!

It may be getting dark early these days, but that won’t slow us down! 💪We are open 7 days a week from 8am-7pm. #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #hauler #daylightsavings

Fall Special!

 💵 Receive 20% off on our already low truckload pricing all Fall long!🍁 🍁 🍁 Just mention this post when booking your appointment. #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #junkremovalservice #hauler #fallspecial

Pallet recycling day!

Today we took all of the pallets we’ve accumulated over the past few months to Neal’s Pallet Company. Recycle ♻️ and reuse! #pallet #pallets #recycle #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler

Soon To Be Mulch!

These branches are about to become mulch. Recycle ♻️ and reuse! #junkpunkjunkremoval #yarddebris #branches #hauler #mulch

Branches, Branches & More Branches!

When our customer sent us a picture of what they needed removed it didn’t look like much. But it was! 2 truckloads later we got the job done! #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler #branches #yarddebris

Rug Dump in Huntersville!

Unfortunately this old carpeting could not be recycled so we needed to dump it!

Construction 🚧 🦺 🏗 debris cleanup in South Charlotte

Now you see it 👀 and now you don’t! #junkpunkjunkremoval #charlottenc #hauler #constructiondebris

“Tip Of The Cap”

 Junk Punk would like to congratulate Steph Curry for receiving his diploma and having his number retired at Davidson College. Great job #30!

August 20% Discount!

6 full truckloads 🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚 in 2 days! People are taking advantage of our August 20% discount! #junkpunkjunkremoval #dogdaysofsummer #augustdiscount #hauler

Branch And Mulch Cleanup In Wingate, NC

 Unfortunately it was raining ☔️ so the mulch was very heavy! That’s ok 👌 though cuz it just made the job a better workout 🏋️‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️! #junkpunkjunkremoval #junkremoval #wingatenc #mulch #workingintherain

Trailer Removal in Cornelius, NC

Our real estate client was listing a property and needed an old trailer removed from the property. Between the wasp 🐝 nests underneath it and the weight (700+Lbs) it wasn’t easy, but we got it done! #corneliusncrealestate #junkpunkjunkremoval #haulaway #junkremoval #oldtrailer

Beautiful Day In Huntersville!

A beautiful day ☀️ here in Huntersville, NC! Busy day today will mean multiple trips to Good Will, the recycle center and the scrap yard. Don’t Be A Punk. Recycle Your Junk… Or, Let Us Do It For Ya! #huntersville #lakenorman #davidson #corneliusnc #junkpunkjunkremoval #hauler

Charlotte Construction Debris Cleanup

Our clients just bought this house in Charlotte, NC and needed help removing some construction debris.  It turned out to be exactly one truckload which is 17 cubic yards.

Our Dog’s name is “Hauler!”

Our dog is so thankful to finally have a name and we want to thank everyone that participated!

Family Owned And Operated

Need some help with your spring cleaning??? Call Junk Punk Junk Removal! We are family owned and operated! Serving Huntersville, Cornelius, Mooresville and other surrounding areas. Get 30% off just for mentioning this ad when booking your appointment! (704)777-9525 www.junkpunk.com

Curbside Cleanup in Charlotte

Now you see it… Now you don’t 🪄 👋 Quick curbside cleanup In Charlotte!

Shed Haul-Away In The Peninsula

Today was a beautiful day to help our customer in the Peninsula Haul Away the wood shed that they had demolished.

A Driveway Full of Boxes In Cornelius

When we arrived the driveway was full of boxes but when we were done that was no longer the case!  We broke down those boxes and took them to be recycled.  A win for the environment!

Demolished Deck Haul Away

Our customer in Mooresville did a great job demolishing their deck but needed our help hauling it away.  It took two trips but we were up to the task!

Fence Removal In Huntersville

This job was not easy!  The homeowner replaced his old wood and wire fence.  We were tasked to remove the old fence but it was over 100 yards uphill to the truck! Also, the wire was sharp and kept catching on the other wire.  Good news… we did it and we did it safely.  Another satisfied customer!

Huntersville Room Cleanout

We cleaned out a room of old furniture and took it to Good Will.  They didn’t want it all, but they took the dresser and display case!

Cornelius Shed Removal

We cleaned up an old dismantled shed along with a variety of other items.  It barely all fit, but our 17 cubic yard truck had enough space!

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