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We offer junk removal for individual items or mixed loads based on volume. If you’re wondering how much it will cost for us to haul away your junk, click on Free Quote or Give us a call at 704-777-9525 today!

*one cubic yard is approximately the size of a washing machine


1/8 Truck $95

2.2 cubic yards

1/4 truck junk removal pricing

1/4 Truck $165

4.4 cubic yards


3/8 Truck $235

6.6 cubic yards

1/2 truck junk removal pricing

1/2 Truck $300

8.8 cubic yards


5/8 Truck $350

11 cubic yards

3/4 truck junk removal pricing

3/4 Truck $400

13.2 cubic yards


7/8 Truck $450

15.4 cubic yards

full truck junk removal pricing

Full Truck $495

17.6 cubic yards

*Truck load pricing is for items that are ready to be hauled away and are located within a close proximity of where we are able to park our truck. If we need to box or bag the items, enter the home or carry items for long distances additional fees may apply.

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